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Dissecting Justice is like a backstage pass to a sold-out concert … typically, to score those tickets, you either have to go into debt or break the law. The rockstar of Dissecting Justice is the criminal justice system, and those usually have the backstage passes either mortgaged their future in law school or got charged with a crime that put their future in jeopardy.

I wanted to change that, so I started Dissecting Justice – an interview-style podcast that provides an insider’s view into the criminal justice system, which usually goes by its street name, the System. My goal with Dissecting Justice is to entertain and educate listeners with gripping experiences told by those who make up the System: Defendants, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys.

In each episode of Dissecting Justice, I’ll be your guide. My name is Casey Walters, and for a long time, I had a backstage pass to the System. I was a prosecutor for one of the largest counties in the country. I began my legal career as a juvenile prosecutor, where I learned the ropes. I then went Downtown to an adult major crimes division. There, I saw the good, bad, and the ugly of the System. I loved the courtroom, trials were my jam, and I looked forward to making a difference. After an awesome stretch as a prosecutor, I had a short stint as a criminal defense attorney, defending those charged with crimes. I left criminal law, and I want back in…

Join me each episode as we break down the System with diverse accounts of how it really works. There will be no judgement, no bias, no hidden agenda … just an open dialogue about the System, which is always running in the background of our society. So let’s get into it…

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Cutting to the Heart of the Criminal Justice System